Bird Data

Important fields

To print properly detailed pedigrees, these fields should be filled in for every bird.

Band number

Be consistent about entering the band numbers, use the same format on each bird. If you enter a band number such as WFA-1043/03 be consistent with the dashes and slashes. You do not need to use dashes or slashes, you can simply use a space between in the band listing i.e., WFA 1043 03. Just be consistent.
25 Characters maximum.


Enter a name or other pertinent information here. Keep it short. The description usually appears on the line below the band number on the pedigree. Race records etc., should be put into the pedigree comments below.
255 Characters maximum.


When adding a new bird, all the previous colors that you have entered will show up in the drop down list. This allows you to pick a color you have already entered to keep things consistent. If it is a new color, then simply type the new color name into the box. The next time you add a bird, this color will appear in the drop down list.
12 Characters maximum.


This should be "Cock", "Hen" or left blank for unknown. Pick the sex from the drop down list whenever possible. "Cock " and "  Cock" (note the extra spaces) will be treated as unknown. (Quotes aren't used in this field, they appear here to make things clear.)
6 Characters maximum.


The overall or major strain of the bird.
50 Characters maximum.

anchor sire-dam

Sire and Dam

It should be a band number of an existing bird in the database. If the Sire or Dam is not in the database, it should be their band number.
25 Characters maximum.

It is important that you understand that when you enter the Sire or Dam band number in the Sire and Dam fields, you are not actually entering them in the program. You are just establishing a LINK between the bird you are entering and its parents.

Pedigree Comments

The Pedigree Comment box can be used to enter anything you want to say about the bird including its race record, breeding record etc. Use abbreviations where you can so you can get as much information in the box as possible.
255 Characters maximum.


If you have a picture of the bird, it can be uploaded to the server and then it will be used on that bird's pedigree. 600x600 is a decent sized picture, but not required. This will give a 2 inch square picture of the bird on the pedigree at full resolution.

Optional fields

These fields do not appear on the Pedigree. These fields are not required, and if you choose, you may ignore any of them. They are provided for compatibility with the original loftmanager program. Each field will have a drop-down list containing any entry you have previously used. You do not have to pick from the drop-down list, you can enter anything you want.


The Location can be used to show if the bird is In Loft, Loaned, Deceased, etc. or you can enter whatever you want here. You don't have to choose from the drop down menu. For instance if you loaned a bird to Bob Carter, you could enter Loaned to Bob Carter.
100 Characters Maximum.


When adding a new bird, any breeder you have previously used will show up in the drop down list. If the breeder isn't in the list, just enter a new one. You can use this field for anything you want.
100 Characters maximum.


The Status box generally refers to whether a bird is a Flyer or Breeder. You can make up whatever statuses you want.
100 Characters Maximum.


The notes section is a free form text area where you can keep any notes or comments about the bird. The notes section does not appear on the pedigree. Also, the notes section generally does not have a size limit like the Pedigree comments field. This field is searchable.
No Maximum.

Race Record

The Race Record is a free form text area where you can keep race results, race notes or whatever you would like (similar to Notes). The Race Record does not appear on the pedigree. This field is searchable.
No Maximum.

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