What's New

What's new in Version 1.03

  • Sesson timeouts are handled better, allowing more time.
  • A 5 Generation pedigree is now available.
  • The duplicate color update introduced a small typesetting problem in the Classic pedigree. That problem is fixed.

What's new in Version 1.02

  • The Help button is now larger and red ;)
  • The Pedigree tab will now highlight duplicate birds. This will also show up in the printed pedigrees and may be turned on or off using the Highlight Duplicates check box.
  • The 'Date printed' line has been removed from the Classic Pedigree to allow for more lines of address and contact information.

Bug Fixes

  • A security flaw was discovered that had a side-effect of occasionally causing duplicate bird records to be created. Duplicate birds in the database can break import/export functions, search functions, and cause the wrong birds to show up on pedigrees. Check your birds for duplicate birds.
  • COI calculations were correct, but inefficient. The calculation speed has been slightly improved.

What's new in Version 1.01

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Export selected birds for import: When you export a bird, it will now export the bird and it's ancestors for 4 generations. Previously it exported just the selected bird, with no ancestors.
  • The right-click menu item "Hide this column" didn't work, so it was removed.

What's new in Version 1.003

Security Update

  • Passwords and usernames are transmitted more securely now. Unfortunately, this means that passwords are case sensitive now.

What's new in Version 1.002

New Features

  • Some of the drop down boxes on the Add/Edit bird dialog box now do auto-lookup as you type.
  • Birds that are "not in your database" now have the Sex set automatically when you edit them.

Bug Fixes

What's new in Version 1.001

New features

  • There is a new Video Tutorial button on the Login page linked to a very well made video about Loftmananger Online.
  • There are 3 new features on the Options button on the My Birds and Progeny tabs:
    • Export selected birds for spreadsheet: A new export feature has been added to allow you to export selected birds on the MyBirds tab to a file. This file contains all the columns and data visible on the MyBirds tab and is in a tab separated format that most spreadsheets can import.
    • Export selected birds for import: A new export feature has been added to allow you to export selected birds on the MyBirds tab to a file. This file contains everything but the picture. You can send this file to a friend or buyer so that they can import that bird into their bird data.
    • Lookup selected parents in archive: A new feature has been added to allow you to import ancestors of selected birds. A special Loftmanager Online account has been created to provide an archive of famous or well-known reference birds. This feature checks your birds ancestry for birds in this database and will allow you to import these birds directly. This Reference database will be updated periodically with the latest sought-after birds and bloodlines.
  • A Race Record field has been added. This Race record is a free format text field, similar to Notes.
  • The Help has been updated to cover these new features and now discusses how to trade birds with other LoftManager Online users.
  • The Import Birds.DB feature can now import birds from the new Export selected birds for import feature.

Bug Fixes

  • The check for an existing bandnumber when entering a new bird was enforced even if you hit the 'Cancel' button - fixed.
  • Removed the 'Columns settings ignored for bird grid' warning.
  • Spaces could be stripped out when searching for birds - fixed.

What's new in Version 0.999

New features

  • A new tab called Pairing has been added which allows you to examine the pedigree's of two birds at the same time.
  • There is a new pedigree template available which matches the same format and font size as the original Loft Manager program. This template is called 'Classic' and is available on the Pedigree Tab's Print menu, and as a template in the Pedigree Designer.
  • Blank Nest Card forms are now available on the Main tab see Nest Cards for more info
  • Pedigree Designer has a new 'Loft Sheet' template.
  • Pedigree Designer will now allow you to generate images (JPG or PNG) instead of just PDF documents. This will allow you to easily create JPG or PNG pedigrees for upload to auction sites without having to bother with converting a PDF. Several convenient sizes are available.
  • The Notes section now discusses how to email a pedigree.
  • There is a new Demo button on the Login page to allow people to try Loftmananger Online.

Bug Fixes

  • Some pedigree's couldn't be printed in Designer, with an '???' error
  • Will now check for an existing bandnumber when entering a new bird.
  • Cursor will be placed in the login window on some browsers.

What's new in Version 0.996

  • Pedigree Printing now has a "Designer' option
  • Notes are now available in your bird data.
    • if you had notes in loftmanager, they are already imported into the program.
    • See How to add birds
  • New Recent Birds context menu on the Pedigree tab
    • right click on the bandnumber to go to any recently viewed bird.
    • see Recent Birds for more info

What's new in Version 0.994

New features

  • Changed how Sire or Dam bandnumbers for birds which are not in the database are handled.
    • they now appear as normal links, but grey
    • you can click on the bandnumber to Add Bird
  • New Print button on the My Birds and Progeny tabs. You can now print the lists on the My Birds and Progeny tabs.
  • New Options button on the My Birds and Progeny tabs.
    • Show/Hide Columns
    • Save/Clear column settings
    • Column width functions
    • Delete Birds - deletes all selected birds in one shot.
  • Moved pedigree buttons to be consistent with other tabs
  • The My Birds tab now has an Edit Bird(s) button - Edits all selected birds. If a single bird is selected, works like the normal Edit Bird. If multiple birds are selected, you can edit one or more fields of each bird.

Known Problems

  • List Printing - If you try to print too many columns, then the column widths can get ugly.
  • Show/Hide columns - when adding a column at the end, a scrollbar appears and the column is added offscreen (to the right). You have to manually resize the last visible column to bring it on-screen.
  • Set column widths to minimum doesn't always get it right.
  • using the Default Column Setup option logs you out.