Product Features

Loft Manager Online provides you with everything you need to manage and track your loft data in an easy to use, secure, robust online application.

Mobile Compatible

Loft Manager Online is mobile compatible. Access your bird data from anywhere, at anytime.

Add Emojis & Bold Text

Pedigree comments supports emojis and bold text through our intuitive text editor.

Pedigree Videos

Add a YouTube video to a bird's Pedigree to further detail and showcase the Pedigree.

View example video


List the progeny or descendants of a selected bird, up to 24 generations deep.


Easily view the ancestry of a any particular bird in our database.


Browse and compare the pedigree's of two different birds, side-by-side, for research and comparison

COI Calculator

Limit (or increase) the degree of inbreeding in your program by using the Loft Manager Online COI calculator to provide detailed inbreeding coefficients stats based on Wright's Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI).


Easily print your bird's pedigree, progeny, or your entire bird database.


Loft Manager Online provides powerful search tools to empower you to easily find the information you're looking for, including the ability to search for a specific pedigree for a specific bird.

Import Birds

If you owned the original Loft Manager program for Windows and have bird records in it, they can be imported directly into LoftManagerOnline.

Trade Bird Data

Trade bird data with other Loft Manager Online users by exporting bird data from one account and then importing that data into another account.

My Birds

Add your birds to Loft Manager Online and the SIRE or DAM band number will establish a link between your birds and their parents.

Loft Manager Online Introductory Video

Join Loft Manager Online founder John Boyle in this comprehensive 23 minute video where he provides an in-depth overview of Loft Manager Online and showcases the many features it has to offer.




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